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Conserve Fuel with Routine Truck and Fleet Maintenance

In an era of record high fuel prices, better gas mileage is a goal most of us share. And if fuel management directly affects your bottom line, you know the importance of minimizing your fuel consumption. Everything from driving style to your equipment and preventative maintenance can impact your fuel efficiency. The following tips will help you determine where you can make improvements to conserve...

Improve Your Truck’s Fuel Economy

Due to record high diesel prices, identifying ways to increase truck and fleet fuel economy and minimize fuel consumption is a priority. The following three sections on driver skills, idling and speeding and proper truck maintenance and equipment are major factors when it comes to conserving fuel.Truck Driver SkillsKenworth has a long-standing history of using technological advancements to improve...

Uptime Tips - Emissions Check-in your truck

Environmental Action Can Make Good Business Sense for Fleet Operators Commercial fleet operators have several reasons to be concerned about emissions. Some U.S. states and Canadian provinces have strict standards and require annual emissions testing, and even those with few regulatory hurdles to contend with may be worried about the impact that their fleets are having on the environment. Whil...

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