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Bus Drivers Trust TRP® LED Lights

For school districts, it’s particularly important to focus on safety and manage replacement costs by using long-lasting aftermarket parts in bus fleets. Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting offers both, with cost savings and superior brightness versus incandescent lighting.

The manufacturing process for LED lighting products uses ultraviolet resistant polycarbonate lenses and a high diode count, which results in stop, turn and tail lamps that offer better visibility. This superior visibility makes the bus chassis marker lights easier for motorists and children to spot on dark streets and roads.

TRP LED lights offer significant advantages over incandescent bulbs. They’re brighter and easier to see than incandescent lights, and they’re tested for durability and long service life.

Better Lighting, Less Power

The circuitry on TRP LEDs is compact and uses 85 percent less electrical power than equivalent incandescent lamps, which means bus operators and school district maintenance shops can add more lights without overtaxing the electrical system. Since the diodes are mechanically connected to the light’s foundation and not soldered on, LEDs don’t have the issues associated with the intense heat generated during the soldering process.

The LED’s circuit board effectively dissipates heat from the diode producing a more intense light without risking damage to the diode. In fact, if a TRP LED lamp were left on constantly for a full 100,000 hours, it would still meet safety regulations for brightness after 10 years.

TRP LEDs have no filament to break and the lens and housing are completely sealed, keeping dust and water out. Durable polycarbonate makes the lenses resistant to impact damage.

TRP offers LED lights that can be fitted on buses made by most leading manufacturers including Blue Bird, New Flyer, Thomas Built and IC Bus. The lights come in a variety of colors including clear (white), red, amber, and green as well as blue and purple for interior lighting. TRP LED lights will not fade or change color over time and are backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Tips for Retrofitting School Buses with LED Lighting

Most standard incandescent lights can be directly replaced with an LED lamp of the same kind. For example, any 4-inch round stop, turn and tail light can be replaced with an LED lamp that’s the same size.

Since LED lights look very different from incandescent lights, you will get the best results if they replace them in groups, for example: all tail lights, all clearance lights or all bus chassis marker lights.

For more information on TRP LED lights and all your parts and maintenance needs, visit your preferred Kenworth dealer.

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