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Control the Road Ahead With TRP® Tie Rod Ends

Tie rod ends and drag links are the major pivot points of a steering system, and are regularly subject to great pressure and scrutiny during roadside inspections. If these parts become loose or worn, you might notice erratic steering and uneven tire wear.

Inspectors primarily examine tie rod ends when checking for steering linkage wear. Therefore, it is critical not only for CSA compliance but for your overall safety on the road to make sure you have high-quality steering components installed on your truck.

Count on TRP Parts

TRP Tie Rod Ends use a micro-finished, heat treated full-ball stud design which allows optimum rotation for a superior range of motion. A self-adjusting compression ring expands to keep the bearing seats tight against the ball stud, which reduces vibration and results in smoother steering. A premium polyurethane boot seal protects the ball socket from dirt, water and other harsh contaminants. Finally, TRP tie rod ends provide a grease fitting, which can be placed in either the cap or side of the socket for easier access when lubrication is required.

Also, in order to ensure that TRP Tie Rod Ends exceed OEM performance requirements and quality standards, a Finite Element Analysis is conducted to study the stress points. Complete with an unmatched 2-year warranty, TRP Tie Rod Ends are configured for medium and heavy-duty truck operation.

When replacing tie rods, it is recommended that both sides be replaced at the same time. Drag link ends and steering axle king pins should also be inspected and replaced as necessary.

Visit your preferred Kenworth dealer for more information or for a complete parts catalog of TRP products.

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