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Extend The Life of Your Engine with Regular Aftertreatment Cleaning and Maintenance

The aftertreatment system may be the last part of a truck’s engine cycle, but it should not be the last thing on your mind when you consider caring for your investment. Servicing your aftertreatment system may be as simple as topping off your diesel exhaust fluid tank, or as extreme as having a catalyst or particulate filter replaced. The more often your system is checked and thoroughly cleaned, the less likely your truck will require expensive repairs.

What your truck needs:

The diesel particulate filter is constantly being bombarded with ash and soot passing through the engine. Your service provider will clean these parts using pressurized air and then, if needed, bake them at temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit to burn away any particulates the compressed air left behind. Keeping these filters clean and clear of debris prevents back pressure into the engine and ensures optimal performance by allowing the exhaust to be released unobstructed.

The diesel oxidation catalyst should be cleaned in the same manner to allow this combustion chamber to continue functioning at full capacity. The cleaner the catalyst, the cleaner it will burn off excess exhaust gases.

Depending on the truck’s model, you may need to have the aftertreatment fuel injector cleaned as well (this injector delivers diesel exhaust fluid into the diesel oxidation catalyst). Over time, this injector also gets clogged with the same particulate matter and needs to be cleared.

Keep your truck running at peak performance:

Systems 5-7 years or newer will automatically limit the truck's horsepower and speed if it senses the system is lacking diesel exhaust fluid or is in need of a regeneration cycle to burn off particulate matter. Increase uptime and avoid expensive slowdowns and unplanned stops with regular cleaning and maintenance of the aftertreatment system.

A clean and well maintained aftertreatment system helps preserve your engine’s performance and your bottom line.

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