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Get a Sharper View with Kenworth T680 Mirrors

What do Formula One racecars and your Kenworth truck have in common? They both combine bold style with innovative engineering and optimum aerodynamics.

Each part of your Kenworth truck is designed to reflect the vehicle as a whole, and the T680 side-view mirrors are no exception. Using durable, state-of-the-art materials and bold aerodynamic design, the T680 side view mirrors are engineered to give you better visibility, fuel efficiency and reduced repair time.

Easy to Own, Easy to Maintain

Like the T680 itself, the side-view mirrors take innovative engineering to a whole new level. The most obvious difference between the T680 mirrors and other brands and models is their mounting: attaching them to the truck’s cowl solves multiple problems. Because mirrors are a frequently damaged part, cowl mounting offers easy fastener accessibility for reduced repair time. And the less time you spend in the shop, the more you stay on the road making money.

Mirror theft is also an issue. Normally mirrors that are so accessible for service are also easy targets for theft. The T680 mirror design solves that dilemma too, and does it simply: the truck’s door must be open for access to the fasteners. That’s a huge roadblock for potential theft.

Better Visibility

Kenworth’s engineers also found that cowl-mounted mirrors give you better visibility. Their location lower and further forward of the cab enables a clearer view of the road behind you, while optimizing visibility for drivers of all heights. This stable mounting, as well as a twin-arm design, improves support strength. Twin mounting arms allow for better visibility and aerodynamics than a thicker single arm.

In fact, aerodynamics are integral to this mirror design, working together with the rest of the truck to reduce drag and improve gas mileage. This streamlined design also greatly reduces wind-related movement, adding to the mirror’s stability so that the view is clear, without the blurring often caused by vibration.

Then there are the mirrors themselves. The T680 uses larger flat and convex mirrors for a better field of vision. The offset convex mirror is 37 percent larger than a standard convex mirror, and is positioned to optimize airflow.

The heated, electronically adjustable mirror assembly also incorporates a CB antenna and outside temperature sensor, maximizing the utility of the mirror’s arms and housing.

With the T680 mirrors, you know you’re getting The World’s Best®. Ask your Kenworth dealer about more genuine replacements for your Kenworth truck.

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