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This winter, keep your engine running like new during the cold months by visiting your local Kenworth dealer to have your medium- or heavy-duty truck serviced. Keeping up with routine maintenance at the dealership increases your bottom line by lowering overall maintenance costs and gives you confidence in knowing that your truck has been serviced by the most highly trained professionals in the business.

Regular maintenance such as oil changes, filter changes and fluid changes extend the longevity of your truck’s engine, protect your investment and increase your uptime.

Additionally, extra cold days mean extra idling. While idling, particulate matter builds up in your diesel particulate filter faster. DPF cleanings to remove ash build up are an incredibly important part of routine maintenance and should be done approximately every 50,000 miles to reduce the likelihood of unplanned breakdowns and costly repairs.

Similarly, in the winter months, safety is more important than ever. Having properly working brake and power generation systems, and winter truck accessories, like chains, wheel chocks, winter fronts, effective wiper blades and backup lighting contribute to keeping you and your truck safe.

For your other cold weather needs, your Kenworth dealer stocks a full line of heating aids such as block heaters, fuel tank heaters and diesel fired bunk heaters. These parts will keep you, and your diesel engine, warm and ready to go even in the coldest weather.

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