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Make an impression with TRP® Chrome-Plated and Stainless-Steel aftermarket truck parts

Make the best first impression with shippers and customers or with equipment buyers at resale by using quality TRP chrome-plated and stainless-steel parts. Also consider the potential value to be gained on the used market—if you want to have an edge over the competition, your trucks not only have to look clean and run like clockwork under the hood, they really have to stand out in a crowd.

TRP chrome-plated and stainless-steel truck parts are manufactured with tested 304-grade or 430-grade stainless steel to resist corrosion, while chrome plating provides a uniform, attractive finish. They’re also made using high-quality tooling, which gives parts smooth lines, symmetry and excellent fit—important details for truck owner operators and fleets who appreciate quality aesthetics. Plus, they make trucks look great for the pride-and-polish shows.

There’s also the benefits of durability, long-lasting performance and attractive appearance in choosing quality chrome and stainless-steel aftermarket accessories. For example, TRP stainless-steel or chrome-plated axle and hub covers with screw-on wheel nut covers, instead of pop-on installation features, are less likely to fall off. That reduces truck part replacement and maintenance costs.

Another example is the 10-gauge TRP steel bumper, which strikes the right balance between weight and strength. It can protect the truck and its tires from damage from road hazards. Its stainless steel won’t crack, pit, peel, rust or fade, and can be polished to restore its original finish.

For operators who need to watch their weight, TRP offers quality stainless-steel clad aluminum bumpers that feature a mirror-bright finish 20 times thicker than chrome-plated bumpers. These TRP bumpers can also be rebuffed to original condition.

TRP offers a variety of aftermarket chrome and stainless-steel parts and accessories, including fenders, bumpers, exterior accessories such as kick panels, steps, skirts and tool boxes, and interior accessories such as knobs and panels. TRP also offers various accessories and accessory sets designed specifically for popular Kenworth models.

Whether you’re planning to show or sell your truck, or you just want to appreciate its good looks yourself, the value of TRP is a great way to add some shine. For all your parts and service needs, visit your preferred Kenworth dealer.

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