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Meet the Demands of Your Business With Bezares PTOs

Choosing a power take-off (PTO) should be easy, and knowing how they work will help you find the best option for your application.

PTOs may seem complicated, but they’re fairly simple once you understand their design and function. A PTO is a gearbox that’s driven by gear engagement or a shaft hook-up. It mounts to the truck transmission and draws energy from the engine in order to power devices such as hydraulic pumps, water pumps and blowers.

A PTO is specific to a particular transmission. It must mount up, and the gear must mesh with the transmission. Roughly 70 percent of PTOs are two-gear models designed for manual transmissions. The next 20 percent are “hot shift” units, which means they’re always engaged/disengaged with an electric-over-air or hydraulic solenoid switch. The remaining 10 percent are specials, PTOs requiring Big 8 bolt shaft mounts or split shafts, which are industry specific.

Rugged Options for All Transmission Makes

Whatever the application, your PTO needs to withstand the rigors of your job. Designed to meet the demands of the higher-pressure hydraulic systems used in Europe, Bezares USA manufactures PTOs that are more robust than traditional models. Bezares PTOs feature heavier castings and are offered in a wide range of input and output options, gear ratios and shifter styles. Plus, they’re compatible with all transmission makes. The full line includes everything from Bezares’ 1000/2000 series for the most common applications, to their heavy-duty 8000 series, which offers a 500 ft/lb torque rating for winch applications.

Ask your Kenworth dealer for more information on the best Bezares PTO for your application.

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