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Reduce Maintenance Costs with Bendix SmarTireā„¢

How much are you spending on your tires? Are they lasting as long as you want them to? When you check your tire pressure and find one a bit low, do you wonder how many miles it ran like that?

Tires are your single largest maintenance expense, and under-inflation can make it even more costly. Statistics show that almost half of all roadside assistance calls are due to tire problems, and 90% of failures are due to under-inflation. Even when an under-inflated tire doesn’t fail, it creates more rolling resistance, reducing fuel mileage and shortening its life. And if that isn’t enough, an under-inflated tire is considered a CSA violation.

Manually checking tires for proper inflation is time-consuming, taking up to 42 hours per year per truck and trailer. Then, once the truck leaves the yard, the tire pressure will be unknown until the next check…or the next failure.

A Smarter and Easier Way

There’s a smarter way to minimize labor while catching potential failures before they happen. The Bendix SmarTire™ TPMS places sensors on each wheel, transmitting continuous pressure and temperature data to a wireless receiver. A dash-mounted display keeps the driver updated while on the road.

When tire pressure decreases to a preset threshold, the SmarTire system warns the driver with a visual signal and an optional sound. For trailers, the tire data will also be visible on the dash-mounted display. An optional front-mounted lamp visible in the truck’s side-view mirrors can provide a visual signal in the event of a low pressure or high temperature warning.

SmarTire also measures temperature, alerting the driver to extreme heat situations that may indicate low tire pressure, or even bearing or brake issues. The system uses temperature compensation to help provide more accurate inflation data and early indications of an issue, allowing the driver adequate time to react and correct the problem. Under normal operating conditions, heat build-up in the tire will raise the internal pressure of an under-inflated tire, causing other systems to show normal pressure despite a potentially dangerous condition. SmarTire TPMS accounts for the temperature of the tire when calculating pressure, adding an extra layer of protection.

Fleet technicians can use a hand-held tool to gather accurate real-time pressure information, reducing the time spent inspecting tires in the yard. The SmartTire system is customizable for each truck or application, ensuring the most accurate measurement.

Getting Started

The SmarTire system includes a complete retrofit kit with sensors, receiver, display and all the necessary hardware. A two-man installation can be done in about two hours.

Compatible with every make and model of tractor and trailer, SmarTire is road-tested to perform under the demanding conditions a commercial vehicle often encounters. Wheel-mounted sensors use a replaceable breakaway cradle to reduce the cost if the sensor is damaged during tire changes. The SmarTire system connects with industry-standard J1939 communications systems allowing integration with industry-leading telematics providers.   This integration enables the transmission of tire data and events to the back office so a fleet can take proactive measures to correct any problems.

The bottom line is that the Bendix SmarTire system lets you take action before a tire fails, saving time and money. You’ll improve your tire life, reduce unplanned downtime and save on fuel with properly inflated tires. And more important than saving money, you’ll keep your drivers, trucks and cargo safer.

Visit your preferred Kenworth dealer to learn more about Bendix SmarTire.

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