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Reinforce Your Truck with Comfort and Control by Investing in PACCAR OE Shocks

When drivers complain about a rough ride, abnormal driveline angles or vibration, or lower ride height, you may immediately think of air springs or the ride height valve and linkage. But you should also consider symptoms like these a sign that the shocks may need to be replaced. If a visual inspection finds dents or other damage from road debris, deformed bushings, loose fasteners and leaking hydraulic fluid covering the shock absorber, these conditions most likely mean the shocks need replacement. A working shock absorber heats up with use. One that does not generate heat has likely lost its damping ability.
Since shock absorbers help keep the tire in more constant contact with the road surface, damaged shocks can eventually lead to more wear on tires, a degradation in braking performance, and damaged air springs resulting from overextension.

Choosing the right replacement shock absorber is critical since not all shocks can offer the proper damping of suspension oscillation needed to bring the suspension back to its neutral position following a bump or other encounter on the road.

PACCAR OE Shocks are designed to protect equipment from the most severe highway and off-road demands, while providing long-lasting performance and outstanding comfort and control of your truck and trailer. OE shocks are engineered to OEM specifications with:

  • Proper seal lubrication which provides protection to the wiping lips of the rod seal, ensuring longer shock life.
  • Super-finished chromed piston rods for superior corrosion resistance.
  • High Temperature oil and rod seal to withstand the harsh working conditions in today’s applications.
  • Bulged body for increased fluid capacity and heat dissipation, resulting in a better ride and longer shock life.
  • A self-compensating piston seal to ensure proper damping for more consistent control over rugged applications.
  • The 10-stage valve spring design which provides better full-range damping for comfort and control, enhanced strength and self-cleaning.

These premium components contribute to the highest durability and quality ride possible for your truck and trailer in the most demanding operating conditions, including higher mileage and heavier payloads. OE shocks are tuned for vehicles and suspensions to provide the smoothest ride. They are also tested and validated against stringent quality standards for proper fit and easy installation.

Best of all, PACCAR OE Shocks come with an unparalleled 2-year, 300,000-mile warranty to provide truck operators even more peace of mind. By investing in PACCAR OE Shocks, you can improve the comfort and smoothness of your ride while extending the life of your vehicle. For more information contact your preferred dealer.

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