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Road Readiness

Extreme weather conditions are rough on fleets and the components that keep your trucks on the road. Keep your fleet road-ready with thorough inspections and quality replacement parts.


The braking system is the most important system in your fleet. All the fuel economy and horsepower in the world is irrelevant if the cargo cannot make it to its destination safely. Thanks to the anti-lock braking system (ABS), your drivers may not even know how much wear and tear your brake systems have endured fighting inclement weather. Protect your drivers, your trucks and your fleet’s safety rating by inspecting brake drums, shoes and pads.



After brakes, your fleet's glass is the next most vital piece of equipment. The steering wheel, powertrain and undercarriage move cargo, but they cannot help your drivers determine where they are or where they are headed. Windshields and windows get hammered during rough weather. Inspect your fleet's glass now before new chips and blemishes become cracks and blind spots this summer.



It may be tempting to ignore suspension when running through maintenance checklists. While components like cabin air springs may not prevent your fleet from delivering cargo on time, suspension can save your fleet in the long-term with increased driver comfort and retention. Trucks can also benefit from increased uptime and lower maintenance costs due to less vibration and strain on the rest of the truck and its systems. Regularly inspect and replace worn-out shocks, cabin air springs, chassis air springs, bushing and anti-vibration components to keep costs low and profit margins wide. 



Another primary component of driver retention and comfort comes out of the cabin air vents. Keeping your drivers cool in the spring and summer is just as critical (if not more so) than keeping them warm in cooler seasons. Throwing on another jacket or warm hat is a simple fix, but cooling down is far more difficult. These cabs are your drivers' offices. Keep them comfortable, productive and content to keep turnover at a minimum and employee satisfaction as high as possible. Your fleet's profitability depends on it. Regularly inspect your hoses, fittings, compressors and dryers for refrigerant leaks.

Your bottom line is dependent on how closely these systems are monitored and maintained. Increase uptime and decrease driver turnover by keeping your fleet road ready.

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