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Spring Bus Maintenance: 5 Systems You Should Check Right Now

Spring signals the time to revive your buses after difficult months of winter service and inspect, replace or upgrade your fleet’s most important components. Look carefully at these critical systems, and ensure that the severe weather didn’t cause problems that could cost you time and money later.


Now is the time to replace burned-out or dim incandescent lights with dramatically brighter, longer-lasting LEDs. You’ll find replacement lights for all major applications from both TRP and SoundOff Signal, whose FA-series lights use the very latest in LED technology for a brighter light.


Mirrors are one of the most critical safety features on your buses. Regularly check all mirrors for cracks, blemishes or pitting. These damages cause blind spots which drastically limits your drivers’ ability to operate vehicles safely. Immediately replace all damaged mirrors to give your drivers a clear view of their surroundings.

Seat Foam and Covers

Now turn your attention inside the bus to assess the condition of its seats, barrier covers and foam, looking for wear or cuts. Foam needs to be replaced when you can feel the bar through the seat foam and cover. Safety regulations require damaged covers to be replaced, and winter often means more riders and longer trips, resulting in greater seat wear. Many fleets replace their seat covers and foam in the summer, but that means preparing in the spring by ordering enough units so that you won’t be caught short.

Aftertreatment System

Take special care to examine diesel particulate filters and clean them regularly. Many dealerships can handle the job using the FSX DPF cleaning system. Regular cleaning keeps the exhaust system from getting backed up which can negatively affect performance. Also, make sure you have enough diesel exhaust fluid on hand to keep your aftertreatment system running smoothly.

Electrical System

Starters, alternators and batteries are punished during the darkness and cold of the winter months, and the ultimate cost of failure is stranded buses. Check for batteries that may be nearing the end of their useful lives, as well as for worn or damaged cables. Look into new technology that can quickly pinpoint alternator issues and test cable carrying capacity. Make sure to keep parts in stock for inevitable replacement. A full line of batteries, alternators and starters is available from your dealer, including the guaranteed quality and value of TRP.

Schedule a Maintenance Walk-Around

Although these are some of the most critical spring maintenance items, don’t stop there. Perform a thorough walk-around checking brakes, tires, transmissions, windows and safety systems. Refresh worn or torn conspicuity tape. Test fire extinguishers before hot weather hits. Replenish first aid supplies and other necessities. Stock up on the parts and supplies you need with the help of your local dealership, where you’ll find parts and advice for all makes of buses. Now is the time to think about maintenance. Don’t let the wear-and-tear of this harsh winter affect your entire year. For more information on all your bus parts and maintenance needs, visit your preferred dealership.

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