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The Perfect Fit for Your Exhaust System

When you think of reducing the noise of everyday hauling, your efforts may end with replacing your muffler. However, every component of your truck’s exhaust system is critical. A precise fit, tight seal, reliable performance and long life ultimately reduce noise as well as help curb pollutants and improve the quality of your ride.

Trust in the comprehensive TRP Exhaust Program, which includes aluminized and chrome-plated tubes, Y Pipes, bushings, mufflers, clamps, flex hoses, stacks and special tubes.

Manufactured with 304-stainless-steel bright material, TRP clamps do not pinch flex hoses and pipes due to a 360-degree compressive seal, which helps avoid premature failures. The popular 5” pre-formed stainless steel clamp with gasket improves the sealing capability of the clamp by over fifty percent over a standard stainless steel clamp with a flat band. TRP clamps provide the clamping load you need to keep your exhaust system running smoothly. Other important features include:

  • Pre-attached hardware with force bars, nuts and reaction block, which eliminates tearing on installation.
  • Stepped band design for lap joints, which provides fast and accurate installation while also offering a better seal.

TRP also offers an extensive selection of premium aftermarket exhaust stacks available in a variety of lengths and configurations, including Straight, West Coast, Curved, and Monster. Engineered with quality materials, TRP stacks are plated to industry specifications and are made to last.

Reinforce good truck maintenance practices by performing the following daily inspection checks:

  • Check for noise leaks in the flexible tubing.
  • Make sure hangers supporting the exhaust system are not too loose or too tight.
  • Inspect the area around the clamps for cracks and rust where noise, soot and even exhaust gases can escape.
  • Check for dents or crushed tubing, which restrict exhaust flow and increase back pressure and exhaust temperatures.

For all your parts and maintenance needs, visit your preferred Kenworth dealer. Ask for TRP.

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