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The Right Drum for the Right Application

Drum brakes operate on a simple principle: brake shoes press against the sides of hollow drums, creating friction and slowing the vehicle. Significant research and refinement is involved in the development of a line of drums that addresses ever-shorter stopping distance requirements, heavier duty cycles, and brake fade in such a wide variety of conditions and applications. For example, identical vehicles operating in different conditions require different drums. Finding the right brake drums with a balance of weight, heat transfer efficiency and service life can be a challenge – but one you can quickly meet with a visit to your Kenworth dealer. There, you will find a range of options from TRP and Webb that represent the best in brake drum technology.

TRP – Quality and Value

Balancing quality and value is something TRP does across its entire line of all-makes truck, trailer and bus parts, and its approach to brake drums is no exception. TRP drums are engineered to QS9001 standards, ensuring consistent machining and metallurgical quality.

TRP truck and trailer brake drums are cross-referenced to 13 of the most popular OEM models covering a wide spectrum of applications. Several are hub-piloted for easier installation. The renowned value of TRP combined with the backing of industry-leading engineering, research and development resources and a workmanship warranty speaks to the quality of these drums.

Webb – Engineering is the Difference

With over 60 years of history, Webb Wheel Products is preeminent as a manufacturer of quality OEM and aftermarket brake drums. Taking great pride in their commitment to research, development and testing, Webb continues to innovate. The Vortex CRT line of brakes uses greater braking mass and external cooling ribs to yield lower operating temperatures and 25 percent longer life.

Made in the USA using high-grade cast iron for durability, Webb trailer brake drums also benefit from this dedication to engineering. Stringent testing and conformance to SAE standards mean that the brakes you buy are proven and dependable, backed by veterans of the industry.

Two Quality Choices

No matter whether you choose TRP or Webb, you are getting meticulously engineered, thoroughly tested brake drums. Their investment in design, development and testing means that you can find drums you can trust for any application.

Your Kenworth dealer has the knowledge and expertise to help you find the right choice for your needs and get you back on the road.

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