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TRP® Air Springs Keep You Comfortable on Any Terrain

Although there have been recent pushes for infrastructure reform, cities are saddled with aging roads and bridges that can reduce a truck’s ride quality. When driving through adverse road conditions, truck operators should be sure their vehicle is up for the challenge.

In order to maintain superior ride quality, using the right truck suspension equipment is critical. Trucks and trailers with air suspensions suffer less wear and tear than those riding on steel. Air suspensions afford truck operators longer cab and vehicle life, lower operating costs, less downtime and fewer failures of expensive on-board electronic equipment and truck accessories. However, the toll your truck endures on a daily basis is not the only important factor.

Overall truck operator comfort is one of the most essential benefits of adding air springs to your truck’s suspension system. Air suspensions offer truck drivers greater comfort, which can improve productivity and alertness while decreasing accidents caused by fatigue.

Rely on TRP Aftermarket Truck Parts

Designed and constructed to perform at a level essential for any vehicle application, TRP Air Springs provide a cost-effective solution for improving driving safety and comfort for all air-suspended commercial vehicles.

TRP Air Springs are ready to support your truck or fleet’s operating needs with the following:

  • Unique fabric materialthat has a 50 psi higher burst rating compared to the competition, which will not break down in a heavy-duty environment
  • Chemically-formulated vulcanized material that withstands ozone effects and resists cracking and splitting
  • Better fatigue life due to an optimized wall thickness, while still providing a light-weight air bag
  • 100% leak-tested with two-year warranty

For maximum suspension performance and life, it is recommended that trucks have all shocks, bushings and height control valves are inspected and replaced if necessary when installing air springs.

For the performance and comfort you need, trust TRP. Visit your preferred Kenworth dealer for a look at TRP’s parts catalog and complete suspension product offering.

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